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Persuasive Training Design: 7 Rules That Make a Difference

You’re logging into a new online course, or you’re walking into a classroom for a day-long workshop. You’re engaged and ready to learn. Then the first slide or page appears. You’re greeted with text-heavy, 10-point font and loads of bullet points. It’s gonna be a long day.

We’ve all experienced it. Courses with one-way communication and information overload – both guaranteed content (and learning) killers.

Below are seven rules to help bring courses back to life, adapted from a webinar presented by Carmine Gallo (The Persuasive Pitch).

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A Woman You Should Know

Congratulations to Amy Franko, Founder & CEO of Impact Instruction Group, for being selected as one of 12 outstanding women for the WELD Women You Should Know 2015 Calendar.

An Excerpt from the Calendar:

Amy demonstrates resonant leadership in many aspects of her life. Her entrepreneurial vision for Impact Instruction Group, her ability to inspire and connect women through WELD, and her passion for mentoring girls in her community are but a few examples of Amy’s dedication to developing and inspiring the women around her.

Early in her career, Amy left her mark as a top sales leader for IBM and Lenovo, leading a $10 million sales territory across the state of Ohio. She launched Impact Instruction Group in 2007 and quickly built a strong organization, serving Fortune 1000 companies across the country.  With that growth, she has also recruited, retained, and led multiple team members. Amy has proven herself as an award-winning training designer; she has received the APEX Award for Publication Excellence in 2010, 2012, and 2014. As a nationally-recognized speaker, she dedicates much of her time to spreading her knowledge about women’s leadership development. Amy displays the same passion for developing girls in the community, where she volunteers with Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland, and also as a running coach for Girls on the Run of Franklin County.

Taking risks, growing from them, and being resilient along the way allowed Amy to experience success in her career. It is evident that, to her, the word “impact” is much more than just a company name. Being a lifelong learner, an avid leadership development supporter, and an enthusiast for giving back has transformed Amy into the impactful leader and role model that she is today.

Amy Franko_Calendar

We’re Hiring! Account Executive

Consultative sales professional to develop Ohio market


Award-winning corporate training organization based in Dublin, Ohio seeking an Account Executive who will develop the Ohio market. The right candidate is professional, has proven experience with consultative sales, preferably in corporate training or organizational development, and is looking for a company that promotes professionalism, fun, and balance, too. We will consider candidates located anywhere in Ohio, understanding that Ohio is your market.

The account executive will be responsible for developing new business mainly within Fortune 1000 or large corporations, presenting custom solutions in instructor-led training, eLearning, video-based training, mobile learning, and organizational and change management solutions.

Our ideal team member will be energetic, self-motivated, have a key role in our organization, and be accountable for the entire consultative sales process, from research and prospecting to retaining the customer after the sale. Some leads will be provided, but this position is truly a Business Development role. Close collaboration with the CEO will be the norm.

You will need to be comfortable with technology, conducting online research and prospecting, plus communicating with excellent written, verbal, and presentation skills. While experience in the training industry is a plus, candidates with experience in IT, software, HR, or customer service sales are welcome. Your success will be measured, in part, by your ability to achieve sales goals as laid out at the beginning
of each sales cycle and satisfactory client feedback.

Our compensation package is competitive and includes a base salary, generous commission incentive, healthcare options, and company-sponsored networking and professional development benefit. Travel is primarily in the Ohio market. In-house marketing and project management support sales efforts.

Candidates will be required to complete a sales assessment before advancing to the interview round. Impact Instruction Group is a certified woman-owned business enterprise (WBENC). Founded in 2007, it is a leading corporate training and development firm focusing on custom training design and development for key strategic initiatives of Fortune 1000 organizations. Core areas are eLearning, video and mobile, blended learning, and visual design. This position is being recruited through BoldlyGO Career and HR Management, our HR Business partner, and all inquiries must be directed there. No phone calls, please. Please submit a cover letter outlining your compensation expectations, along with a résumé.

Impact Instruction Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate based on military or veteran status or any other legally protected classification. This is a non-smoking environment. This job description is designed to be a good representation of the job requirement, but is not a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities required of the employee. Candidates must be legally authorized to work in the United States without sponsorship.

Participate in the 2015 L&D Technology Survey

Impact Instruction Group is proud to invite you to participate in our 3rd Annual Learning & Development Technology survey. Our goal is to get a pulse on L&D’s evolving attitudes and behaviors on the use of technology for learning and performance as we head into 2015. If you are familiar with your company’s learning and performance solutions strategies, we would love your input.

This brief survey should take less than 3 minutes to complete and all answers are completely confidential. By participating in the survey, you will receive an exclusive copy of the full report. Deadline for survey completion is Wed., 10/22/2014 at 5:00 pm ET.

Thank you for helping create an impactful community with Impact Instruction Group! Please forward this survey to others in your network who are in learning & development. 

Using the 4 Roles of Creativity in Your Next Project

By Joseph Suarez

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about how everyone, not just the high level manager and creative professional, needs to work in new and innovative ways for organizations to stay competitive in our rapidly changing world. Yet without a predefined method to formulate and execute ideas, how can an organization truly be innovative?

One systematic approach, as detailed in Roger Von Oech’s book: A Whack on the Side of the Head, is to assume each of four different creativity roles in our work. By sequentially placing ourselves or our team members into each of these roles for an appropriate length of time, we can formulate and execute innovative, actionable ideas.

  1. Explorer: Curiosity is king during this first role. Asking questions and being receptive to new ideas and perspectives allows the Explorer to gather raw materials for ideas such as facts, concepts, knowledge, and experiences.
  2. Artist: The Artist takes the raw materials for ideas discovered during the Explorer role and applies them in creative and imaginative ways. During this role playfulness overrules practicality in order to think outside of the box and freely formulate ideas.
  3. Judge: This role is where ideas are finally assessed. With a critical and analytical eye, the Judge determines if the Artist’s ideas are feasible in the real world. Only workable ideas are then approved and acted upon.
  4. Warrior: With a feasible idea established in the Judge role, the Warrior then executes. The warrior stands up to resistance and pushes aside barriers that stand in the way of bringing the idea to completion.

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Setting Realistic Deadlines

Tips on ensuring your project doesn’t go off task and over budget

Deadlines are a critical component to any project – and a major source of stress if not set and managed correctly. I recently listened to a colleague share about how her company’s deadline to launch a new software system was pushed up – again – for the fourth time, and it’s nearly 10 months behind schedule. Their entire department was literally scrambling to make changes to make it all work. A delay at this level causes blocks in the production system, extreme pressure on the project team, and ultimately increases the cost of the project substantially.

This situation made me think about how many times we don’t set realistic project deadlines. Although setting deadlines is only one component of an overall project management plan, there are ways to prevent major deadline disasters with proper planning and anticipation of what may come ahead. Below are a few ways to ensure your plan starts off right and finishes on time.
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5 Quick Tips to Facilitate Like a Pro

Are you a facilitator? If you’re a trainer, speaker, or a leader, you might readily answer “yes” to that question.   But what if you’re running a project, a small group meeting, or even leading a conference call?

Anytime you are interacting with others . . . you’re also a facilitator!

Read on for 5 quick tips for being a star facilitator – they can be easily adapted for virtually any learning or workplace scenario.

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View Your Career as a Jungle Gym, Not a Ladder

by Amy Franko

A woman will average 10.7 jobs in her lifetime, according to Fast Company.

I decided that the “.7” could be attributed to those of you out there doing the work of at least two people, or a job we’d rather forget!

Let’s say your career spans 30 years (and for many women, careers will be longer).  That calculates, on average, a move to a new job every 2.8 years. My own career path reflects this.  In 15 years, I’ve grown my career with six companies and have had seven unique job descriptions.

For many of us, our beliefs around how our careers will unfold were hatched by watching our parents work at the same place for their entire career, and perhaps in only a couple of jobs that entire time. To a large extent their careers were planned.  And if they were designated as “management material” they were swooped up, placed on the “management track” and away they went.

Our experience is now entirely different.  This notion of the “planned career” is as outdated as the phone I bought six months ago.

Today, when you walk in the door of a company there’s really no step-by-step formula or well-worn path to follow to your dream career or your leadership aspirations.   You design your path; you own it and are responsible for creating opportunities.

Pattie Sellers, Editor-at-Large of Fortune Magazine, captures it perfectly:

“The most successful people I know don’t think of their career as a ladder, but rather a jungle gym.”

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Tie Training to Business Objectives – 5 Questions to Ask

By Amy Franko

As a training professional, you’re probably familiar with the concept of “making the business case for training.”  I see one of my key roles in training and development as getting to the heart of the business objectives at hand.  When I’m able to do that, I can then provide recommendations and ideas for training – or in some cases, other ways to accomplish the objectives.

A recent conversation with a client reminded me of this, and out of that came some practical ways to tie training and business value together.
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Break These 3 Bad Design Habits

By Trina Rimmer

Being a training designer presents us with daily opportunities to challenge ourselves, push boundaries and design solutions that make our businesses successful, our clients happy, and our learning audience more effective.  But sometimes our work isn’t inspirational and it’s really hard to get ourselves psyched-up to change the world starting with annual compliance training.

However, a lack of inspiration can be made even worse with a healthy dose of design complacency. When we fall back on bad design habits we can alienate ourselves from the real problems, our audience, and ultimately our professional self-worth.

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