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Awards & Recognition

Impact Instruction is Proud to have Been Awarded the APEX Award of Excellence in 2014, 2012 & 2010

2014 APEX Award of Excellence

APEX2014_winnerImpact Instruction Group has been awarded the 2014 APEX Award for Publication Excellence in the category of Education & Training Campaigns, Programs and Plans. This award recognizes our work with Alliance Data on their Bank Secrecy Act & Suspicious Activity Reporting Compliance Training Course.

Together, Alliance Data and Impact Instruction group created a unique way to engage more than 5,000 learners on this compliance topic. Alliance Data was a supporter of creative ideas and together, the team chose to step away from safe, traditional design. As a result, Impact Instruction developed a character concept, “SAM” (a Suspicious Activity Miscreant) who is the voice of the course and talks about how regulations work together with the learner’s vigilance to identify and stop financial crimes from occurring. SAM makes the course more engaging by talking to the learner in a conversational tone punctuated with pithy remarks and call-outs like you would see in a comic book.

By fostering creativity and embracing commitment to deliver solutions, Impact Instruction created a fun course that educates learners on the serious nature of financial crime. Being able to step out of the box to take content that could be trite in a traditional instructional approach and turn it into something interesting and engaging led to big success for Alliance Data learners and business leaders.

As a result of this course, Alliance Data saw a 400% increase in suspicious activity referrals, as well as a commensurate level of increased suspicious activity report filings with law enforcement. The quality and diversity of suspicious activity referrals has also grown and matured.

Learn more about this award-winning course here:

2012 APEX Award of Excellence


Impact Instruction Group has been awarded the 2012 APEX Award for Publication Excellence in the category of One-of-a-Kind Education & Training Publications. This award recognizes the work of Amy Franko, Founder & CEO of Impact Instruction Group, for her workbook, Elevate Your Leadership Profile: 8 Exercises for Emerging Women Leaders. This extensive workbook provides practical exercises for women to develop their leadership presence, along with key strategic and tactical skills for elevating their careers.


2010 APEX Award of Excellence

2010 APEX AwardsAmy Franko, Founder & CEO of Impact Instruction Group, received an Award of Excellence for her training design and materials created for client Melissa Giovagnoli, best-selling author of Networlding. Giovagnoli is also the Founder & CEO of Networlding, a social media marketing and publishing firm based in Chicago.

Giovagnoli’s book was adapted into a facilitator and participant guide for use within organizations and by independent facilitators. According to Giovagnoli,

“The finished product, a set of facilitator and participant guides, exceeded all of my expectations. The activities alone make a big difference in teaching the concepts of Networlding. My facilitators and clients have benefitted greatly from the overall design, organization, and instructional strategies.”

Each year the competition becomes more and more refined; to be selected for Award of Excellence from over 4,000 entries is a prestigious honor for Impact Instruction Group.

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